My Thanksgiving Menu

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Thanksgiving. I never really liked the holiday when I was younger, but ever since I started cooking I’ve enjoyed it more and more every year… and I really think I outdid myself on this particular meal. Every single recipe I made came out exquisitely, and I think I have to quit now.

My spread :

Roasted Turkey – I loosely follow Alton Brown’s Good Eats brined turkey recipe , and I’ve made three turkeys using it. This year I picked up a 21.5lb Foster Farms fresh turkey. My brine was made of about 1/3 gallon turkey stock, 1/3 gallon chicken stock, and 1/3 gallon apple cider, cooked with the salt, allspice berries, pepper, ginger and salt of Alton’s recipe. I don’t water mine down with a gallon of water, I generally throw the turkey in the brine mix and then throw in a bunch of ice. And I use his recipe for the aromatics… they make an incredible gravy! I roasted for the first half hour at 375 then turned it down to 300 for about five hours, maybe a little more. The only time I open the oven is after the first half hour, when I cover the roaster in a tent of aluminum foil. When I pulled the turkey out to check the temperature, it was fully cooked, still moist, and absolutely insanely good tasting. My only problem? It completely falls apart. Completely. It is so moist and amazing that it is LITERALLY fall-off-the-bone delicousness. If I had to pick some problem to have in my meal… I’m happy that was it.

Gravy – To make the gravy, I take 3 tbsp of butter and melt it in a pan. Add 3 tbsp of flour, then add some of the pan juices and a little chicken or turkey stock. Mix, cook til boiling, and it gets nice and thick and delicious.

Mashed Potatoes – I am a never ending spout of disappointment, because I absolutely cannot make mashed potatoes. I over-boil them and make them gross and I know it is a weakness. But where I am weak, Trader Joe’s is oh so strong. They have FROZEN mashed potato pellets, and they are wonderful. I used an entire bag, but they’re made so you can make as many servings as you need. I threw an entire bag into a pot on the stove with about 1/2 cup of milk and a few tablespoons of butter. As the pellets melted, they combined with the milk and butter and transformed into a fluffy and delicious mashed potato dish.

Green Bean Casserole – I’ve made this enough times that I know never to use a recipe. Recipes use too much milk and make it too mushy creamy. This year, I used all Trader Joe’s products for this. Two cans of green beans, one container of condensed cream of portabella soup, and one can of fried onions. Drain green beans, add entire container of soup, mix in a bit of onions, mix in a bit of pre-cooked pre-diced bacon pieces, add a little bit of milk (I probably add a half cup or so?) until a little creamy but not WET. Cover with a layer of onions, bake until hot. The end!

Stuffing – This is an amazing recipe. My changes – I use pre-made cubed stuffing, the kind in a bag. I made it with bread once and it just didn’t come out nearly as well. I don’t use the turkey liver, and I probably add a bit more stock… since I don’t cook it inside the bird, it has to be significantly wetter before it goes into the oven. Generally, put in enough stock until it looks like something you’d want to eat, then add a bit more. I baked this alongside the green bean casserole at 350 degrees until they were both nice and hot.

Random Veggie Mix – Trader Joe’s had some bags of veggies andddd I just couldn’t resist picking them up and attempting something strange. I used half a bag of cut sweet potatoes, half a bag of cut rutabaga, parsnip and turnip, and a whole sliced fennel. Threw it into a pan with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. AWESOME.

And last but not least… Rolls. I used this recipe to the letter, since I am terrified of baking with yeast. I’m always convinced I’m going to do something horribly wrong. The dough rised overnight, then I rolled it and cut it as described, but instead of rolling them into horns, I took each section (1/18th of the total recipe) and divided it into three small balls and put them into a greased muffin pan. Then I let them rise all day while I was cooking dinner, put them into the oven at the end of my cooking, and they came out as delicious pull-apart yeast rolls perfect for sticking a slice of butter into. I will probably make these 100 times in the future, they are amazing and so so easy. Best if served hot, straight from the oven.

And now to share with you my current food obsession…

Brie. Chocolate. Basil. Sourdough. It sounds really weird… but trust me and make these right now.

AND for a completely different level of food euphoria… add diced bacon.

/dies of a delicious food coma

Crais-mazing Cookies

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This is an amazing cookie recipe that I absolutely love. I am putting it here so I can send the link to people when they ask for it.

1 cup flour
2 cups quick cooking oats
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
½ tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp butter, around room temperature
½ cup sugar
½ cup brown sugar
1 large egg
¼ cup applesauce
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 cup Craisins

Parchment Paper
Stand Mixer (or Hand Mixer plus Large Mixing Bowl)
2 Cookie Sheets
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons
Medium Mixing Bowl
Large Spoon
Oven (duh)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper.
2. In medium bowl, whisk together flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. Set aside.
3. In stand mixer or large mixing bowl, cream together the butter, sugar, and brown sugar.
4. Beat in the egg. Once combined, add applesauce and vanilla.
5. Working by hand, stir in the flour and oat mix until just combined and no white streaks remain.
6. Stir in Craisins.
7. Drop tablespoonfuls on to sheet.
8. Bake about 11-13 minutes. Cookies will be a bit darker brown at edges.

• Parchment paper is amazing. If you’ve never used it before, you will use it forever and ever once you start. If you cannot find or do not have parchment paper, you can just use non-stick spray on a cookie sheet, but if you do that you are compromising the amazingness of this recipe and I do not take responsibility if it isn’t good.

• You can substitute a bunch of things for the Craisins, or mix and match add-ins! Raisins or other dried fruit work fine. Chocolate chips are great, and even better if you add some coconut. It’s a very versatile recipe.

Professor Layton: Marketing Failure, Game Success?

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Now I want to start off by saying that I LOVE LAYTON. I played and finished the first one in probably a couple of days. It’s the kind of puzzle cocaine you can’t put down. The puzzles are difficult and varied, and the storyline manages to keep you interested while not getting in the way of gameplay.

Oh, did I mention difficult? Part of the fun of the Layton series is learning how to re-assemble your DS once you’ve thrown it against a wall. Or a loved one. Sorry about that.

I don’t remember where I heard about their Ladies vs. Gents Puzzle Challenge… probably the Twitters. But I was excited! The very first one was in San Francisco! I live in San Francisco! Or, near it. Unfortunately it was on a Tuesday which meant I ended up making a trip into the city alone, but it’s nice to explore sometimes.

So, yes, I made an hour train trip specifically to try out the new Layton and see what they had going on. I am a giant freaking nerd.

I walked up and saw the iconic London phone booths and I smiled a little. I’ve been to London, and the monument in Union Square Park reminds me of something you’d see there. But the rest of the area couldn’t be more West coast, and the dichotomy was amusing to my moderately traveled brain.

When I got there, there was one line that was really really long and one line that wasn’t so long at all. I quickly learned that the long one was the men’s line and the short one was the women’s line, from a nice young chap dressed quite similarly to Layton’s apprentice, Luke. In fact, I asked him if he was Luke, and he looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about. Strike one, Nintendo.

I got in line and watched as the girl in front of me struggled through some puzzles in the phone booth, amused, thinking “Oh I got this.” I asked the girl what they were basing their scores on, whether it was tries or time, and they said both, I had three minutes. Okay. So I started on a puzzle and quickly realized that these bitches set me up. It was a fairly overcast day, but there was quite a decent glare on the screen, and my puzzle was mostly based on colors that I really couldn’t see at all. It took me two tries and about a minute to finish my first one, and which point I stepped out and said “Two!” And they said “Two puzzles?” And I said… “No, two tries, was I supposed to keep going?” and they said “Yes, but uh, I guess your time is up.” No watch, no timer, and I know it wasn’t three minutes because I stood in line and watched how long they gave the other ruffians. They gave me my free shirt (tadaaaa, highlight of my experience) and I walked away, almost running into a girl dressed as Flora Reinhold who was drinking a cup of Starbucks. I didn’t dare ask her if she knew who she was supposed to be.

I want to send out a giant memo typed in capital letters that tells marketing directors that sending your shitty interns to do your public marketing events isn’t a great marketing strategy. Not one person there seemed to give a flying fuck what was going on. Not one person tried to talk a bit more about the game. And really, not one person was qualified to be taking the results, because they didn’t seem like they had any clue what the game was supposed to be, and they definitely didn’t have a clue how to communicate their directions. Maybe this would be a more effective event just to grab people who had never heard of the game before, but I’m not sure. The entire thing felt so entirely sloppy, mismanaged and a waste of potential that I don’t know if I’d buy the game if that was the first time I had tried it.

Plus, the fucking puzzle made me want to throw their DS at the wall.

(Professor Layton and the Unwound Future goes on sale Sunday, September 12, and I will probably be purchasing it sometime shortly after. The series really is fantastic and despite my disappointments in their event, the new game seems just as intriguing and challenging as the rest.)

Teaching What You Know

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It’s hard to teach something you know. This sounds kind of counter-intuitive, but it’s pretty extensively documented, and I’m having a really hard time teaching something I feel like I truly “get” to people who simply don’t.

It’s easiest to teach a subject when you are semi-proficient at it. If you are not familiar at all, you don’t have the basic skills necessary to link together concepts. But if you are TOO familiar… if it is a subject you live and breathe… suddenly, the most basic concepts become common sense, and more advanced issues become basic concepts. The small facts and concepts that are the building blocks of the knowledge become your common sense, and they link together to build something you believe in. But to an outsider, the small facts and common sense make absolutely no sense at all, and everything you put together AFTER that is voodoo magic.

I graduated with my B.B.A. in Marketing almost exactly one year ago. A week after that, I got my first job at an ad agency. A year later, I am developing an agency social media strategy from the ground up. It’s an absolutely enormous undertaking without, I feel, the resources to back it up quite yet. And on top of that, I’m feeling enormous pressure to produce statistics and solid metrics that show typical results.

… but there AREN’T typical results. Part of my entire premise on social media is that it is completely individualized. The product, the market, the approach, the venues, the resources… there is no comparing of apples to apples. Even if companies are similar, there is no telling that what works for one will work for another. Are there lessons to be learned, absolutely. Are there case studies to be discovered, surely. Are there metrics to track progress, of course. But this isn’t like a statistical pay-per-click or analytics-based campaign. These are CONVERSATIONS. These are relationships with real people. There is only so much the numbers can measure, and they aren’t going to be very helpful in terms of estimation.

Should you set goals? Of course. SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. You learn what is attainable for YOUR company and YOUR market as you go along. You check against similar companies and markets to see if they are doing anything you think might work for you. You pay attention to what people are saying about you. And you understand that whatever results people get, it’s because they took their time to make things work, and kept at it.

I’m not sure how to move forward. It’s a stressful and unnerving situation, and I wish I could vent further. For now, I guess I’ll just keep practicing my tongue-biting.

Bank Atlantic Overdraft Assistance : Addendum

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I hate to post on the same thing twice, but I feel like I have to follow up my previous post with an update.

The other day, I went in to Bank Atlantic to change the name and address on my debit card (I’m officially Lauren Kates now, hooyay!) and the “Overdraft Assistance” option came up yet again. This time, in the form of a piece of paper they gave to me to sign to affirm that I agree to Bank Atlantic’s new overdraft policies.

Let me recap from my previous post on the subject on the BankAtlantic Debit Card Overdraft Assistance :
“Overdraft Assistance” is exactly that… it HELPS you to OVERDRAFT. Recent banking regulations have made it so that overdraft fees have to be an opt-in program and banks have to have their default option to simply decline your card should you overdraft, a provision that is meant to protect consumers from the absolutely exorbitant fees that can occur simply from a miscalculation. I’d personally MUCH rather have it decline and myself potentially face momentary embarrassment than to potentially face hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges simply because I didn’t realize I was overdrawn.

I was immediately taken aback by the form, because I knew what these policies were and had specifically NOT opted in, and now it was being presented to me as if I didn’t really have a choice. The girl helping me was quite nice (I actually went to middle school with her) but she didn’t even seem to realize that the “feature” her bank was pushing is actually BAD for it’s customers. When I told her I did not want to be a part of the program, she said “Oh, it’s just about overdrafting, so that if you overdraft you can still make your purchases.” It’s like people aren’t thinking this program through at all, and that’s terrifying.

So I did get away with not signing the form, and I did note on the account that I will absolutely never be adding that particular “service”, but I feel like I have to post one more time to get the warning out there.

Also a note: I wish I could link you back to a Bank Atlantic page explaining this valuable program, but it is mysteriously not mentioned on their site. COOL.

The Wedding Name Change Process

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Hell. I want to subtitle this post “Hell”. I had heard the horror stories about post-wedding name changes… and I figured, I’m not stupid, I know how to deal with paperwork. Most of these problems are caused by people not knowing what to expect, right?


A good friend of mine is getting married coming up rather soon, and recently posted about changing her name. Now I never had any of the feminist agenda hangups about changing… personally, my maiden name trips up my minor speech impediment and I was happy to get rid of it. But I do have some advice for those looking to go through the name change process in the future.

1) Social Security.

This is step one, and where all of my troubles began. You essentially need to change with S.S. before you can do ANYTHING else. First of all, go at the middle to end of the month- if you try to go at the beginning of the month, you’re competing with a completely different crowd. As with any government agency, I recommend bringing something to distract you from the unfortunate crowd you will be sharing intimate space with. Anyway. For Social Security, you need to have:

  • Application for a Social Security card. This is the form you fill out either when you get your first card or when you are changing your information.
  • Identity. Current identity. This can be your drivers license, state-issued ID card, or U.S. passport.
  • Citizenship. U.S. birth certificate or U.S. passport.
  • Proof of name change. Marriage document, divorce decree, or court order for name change.

Just a point of clarification for those thinking about changing names BEFORE marriage. You can start changing in a lot of ways, but going through the system and starting to change documents might not be the best idea, and step 1 is the first reason why. A marriage certificate is the easiest way to prove name change, and it’s one less step you have to go through in the process. I can’t personally say I know how easy or difficult it is to get a court order for a name change, but I can’t imagine it’s easier than just waiting until you have your marriage license. On ANOTHER note, I spoke with another friend on a similar topic when he spoke about changing both his future wife AND his name. Does anyone have any clarifying information they can give on how difficult this is? The marriage license is considered a universally accepted proof for changing a woman’s name… what about both changing to a combined name, or the man changing his name as well? I’m not sure, but with my proven track record of government agency inconsistencies, I foresee some difficulties trying to get that accomplished… and it might require a court order as well.


Social Security can take at LEAST 24 hours and up to a week to update in their system before other agencies (i.e., the DMV) can verify the name change. Apparently whether or not they tell you or agree with this is based on the person you get that day, but in my personal experience, it’s the truth. Some may tell you that the print out you get telling you to expect your new card is enough to get a license. It isn’t. You don’t necessarily need your new social security card (which can take up to a few weeks to get to you… mine took about a week and a half) to go to the DMV, but it definitely does not hurt, because at that point you know your number is updated in their systems.

2) DMV

Congrats, you have a name! Now, get a license. Note that this section will vary depending on state, and my experiences are with Florida. Which sucks. You need to bring:

  • Citizenship. U.S. birth certificate or U.S. passport.
  • Proof of residency. You need this whether or not you are changing addresses, but if you ARE changing, this can be tricky. Make sure to check the DMV’s Gather Go Get website for a list of acceptable forms of proof and MAKE SURE you have AT LEAST two, if not more, when you go. Now, if the home is not currently in your name or you don’t have any proof of address (say, you are moving in with your new husband), you have to bring two forms of residency in HIS name, plus a signed statement saying that you are living with him. This… is ridiculous. I could have signed it myself in crayon and they wouldn’t have known the difference. But it’s required if you currently don’t have any acceptable proof.
  • Proof of Social Security number. This is where that above part gets tricky. If you don’t have your new card, you need your old card, and they’ll look it up. But if it doesn’t match, you won’t be able to change your license. When my social security number had not yet updated when I visited the DMV, they offered to make my drivers license hyphenated. DON’T. DO. IT. Apparently, having things not match like that can affect how easy it is to do a lot of things in the future.
  • Proof of name change. Same issues as with Social Security, you need a marriage license or court order.

My advice for the DMV? Make. An. Appointment. There are multiple “lists” at Florida’s DMVs, and which one you end up on affects how quickly you are called. If you make an appointment, you end up list A. Walk-ins are on list C. I have no idea what list B is, I think it might have something to do with a driving test or something. List A goes the fastest, and if you’re like me and the ticketing system goes down while you are there, they will only accept from list A until all of the A’s are taken care of. AND, if for some horrible reason they can’t take care of you that day, ask them for a slip of paper so you can return without an appointment. I got onto list A as a walk-in with it, and I was incredibly thankful for it.

Oh, another note! This is a good opportunity to become an Organ Donor if you aren’t already. I tried to and they completely didn’t pay attention to anything I asked them and I just now realized I’m NOT a donor, but if you’ve been on the fence about it, changing your name is a great time to go ahead and get it done!

3) Health insurance.

This was fun for me to figure out as well. I get married, and suddenly… am I still covered under my mom’s policy? Do they continue it automatically? How can I sign up under him if my name change isn’t completed yet? He eventually added me to his policy under my new name (once it went through with social security of course) and they extended my policy back to my wedding date to avoid any potential coverage gaps. But we ALMOST missed the deadline for a qualifying event – check requirements, we had to notify them within 30 days of the event, and after a two week honeymoon that date came pretty quickly.

4) Everything else.

I am currently working on changing over my bank information. Interesting note for those pre-marriage: Have you thought yet about depositing post-wedding checks? Ask your bank about their policies, because most are surprisingly annoying. It’s fun trying to cash a check in your new name when your ID and account are in your old name! Or cashing checks made out to both of you when you don’t currently share accounts. Apparently all banks handle this differently, but it was quite the headache for us. “You have to sign. I mean, you both have to sign. Wait, his signature needs to be last. Can you sign in both your maiden name and your new name? Thanks. Oh wait, some of these might not go through but if they don’t we’ll send them back.”

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t start your name change until you return from your honeymoon. Interesting things happen if you try to travel and your passport doesn’t match your license or your ticket or what have you. It’s generally a much better idea to keep your name until you return… but have all the paperwork and requirements ready to take care of before you go back to work, or you end up stuck like I did. It’d be absolutely heartbreaking to not have your passport back to you in time to leave, or to not have a new debit/credit card with your new name on it.

Everything I’ve talked about so far is to do with changing your name legally… Social security, DMV, bank information, passports, debit cards, credit cards, car insurance, health insurance, etc. But also remember that you will possibly have the need for a new e-mail address, domain name, Twitter name, etc. My online presence was changing long before my legal name did; I had to protect the territory! Keep these things in mind as well and plan accordingly!

Best of luck to anyone starting off on the process, and I hope maybe this helps a little. Or maybe it just made you appreciate your maiden name just a little bit more. Either way… congratulations, the worst that can happen is that you end up married. 😉

Foursquare, Geolocation, and INEVITABLE DOOM

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I have a confession to make. I like the silly somewhat new geolocation games. No. I really really love them. I started off with Gowalla for the iPhone, which lured me in with the promise of picking up, trading, and dropping “Items” as I checked in to locations in my area. More recently, Foursquare has expanded and taken over my attention (my previous aversion was due to the lack of ability to add new locations, and in my po-dunk Florida town that meant it completely lacked functionality). The “mayorships”, points system, and worldwide locations provide a fun and interactive introduction to geolocation services. On my recent honeymoon, for example, my Twitter and/or Facebook followers were able to see tidbits of my trip as I “checked in” to iconic locations like Buckingham Palace.

As I become more and more enamored with the possibilities, I encounter the inevitable. As with any emerging technology, people suddenly start climbing out of the woodwork with a whole-hearted opposition to whatever is new. People who have recently taken to Twittering their diets and children’s spit-up schedules while posting iPhone pictures from their club exploits on Facebook are quite suddenly concerned with how much information they are revealing. Because with Foursquare, someone knows exactly where you are when you check in somewhere. THAT means they can then run over to your house, break in, kill your goldfish, and salt your crops – all before you return home from Walgreens, where you were just crowned Mayor!

“Yeah, I ain’t good at compooters.”

Here’s the truth. Our society has enabled people to become absolutely ignorant when it comes to technology. I have coworkers who will send me any article they can find on why Facebook is a security nightmare… adding apps gives companies access to your private information! Potential employers can look through whatever you put on Facebook and refuse to hire you, or current employers can FIRE you! Facebook ruins LIVES. Well, it’s true. If you jump into Facebook with absolutely no care for your privacy or your safety, you are wide open to anyone who wants to see what you do. But guess what? If you jump into a lake you know is filled with alligators, you might die. With the ridiculous spread of information, there is no reason that, at this point, Internet users shouldn’t be aware of the potential dangers. It’s the new common sense. You don’t open files from people you don’t know, just like you don’t accept candy from the dodgy looking chap in the white van. You don’t leave your privacy settings lax, just like you don’t keep the blinds open when you walk around naked.

But for some reason, it’s OKAY to be stupid about computers. If someone gets a virus on their computer… well, it’s just accepted as something that people DO. I told someone that my computers have not had a virus or malware for years, and it was like I had said I have titanium skin. It’s become the norm to accept that forces on the Internet are invading your privacy and causing you harm. Instead of adapting and becoming aware of the ways to combat it, it’s been… accepted.

“Why do I have to change my name? He’s the one who sucks.”

Why should I close my blinds when I’m naked? It’s my nakedness, they just shouldn’t look. Why shouldn’t I accept candy? They just shouldn’t taint it, and shame on them if someone is kidnapped! Those excuses don’t work with real world applications, and they aren’t going to work on the Internet either. If you decide to utilize it, you need to know the dangers and how to protect yourself.

When it comes to geolocation tools and apps like FourSquare, it’s true that suddenly a lot of people can see where you are at a given point. But to ignore the value CAUSED by people seeing where you are is to ignore the value of the technology altogether. Suddenly, you know if your friend is checking in for lunch right down the road from you, so you can go join them. You can fight over a Mayorship at your Wednesday BBQ lunch joint with your work buddy. Or, you can realize you’re in the same bar with a friend. You can play games to see who can get the most points or badges, see other peoples favorite dishes at the restaurant you’re about to eat in, share a photo of your favorite waiter, get drink specials for being the Mayor at a local bar. It’s fun, interactive, and growing expansively, with or without you.

Protect Yourself!

If you still want to experience the fun of collecting badges and gaining points, you can check-in to Foursquare “off-the-grid”. Your location will not be shown to any friends or put on your profile, and you can still be a part of things while keeping your location secretive. You can upload or see pictures, and you can share and see tips. You can’t become a Mayor and you miss out on some of the social value of the app, but you can still enjoy some of the really interesting benefits without the risk. If you are using the app on the iPhone, you can simply check the “Share with Friends” option to “No” and your check-in will be noted as “off-the-grid”. Similarly, Facebook has a site explaining their privacy settings and numerous articles exist on how to use them. My main suggestions? Make EVERYTHING “Friends Only” at a minimum. Public is simply not wise for anything on your page except your name, main photo, and maybe location, and Friends of Friends is just as bad. And make sure to go through EVERY SINGLE privacy setting under Application Settings… each Application has individual privacy settings, and if you don’t pay close attention to the ones you are choosing when you add an Application, you are potentially giving a lot of people access to things through that App.

Apple's iPad Pre-Easter Release Date… Genius?

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So, I’ve seen a few articles this morning about early adopting iPad users settling in for Easter, when the real reviews would come rolling in. And I got to thinking… how smart IS Apple?

Today, the day after release, early adopters are still enamored with this device. As neat as I think it is, there’s definitely an Apple-product-magic that they pump into the brilliant designed packaging that puts your head into a “THIS THING IS SO NEAT!” cloud for at least a few days. With this excitement still hanging over from the unveiling yesterday, those who will spend today with family will inevitably be hesitant to leave their new friend behind. Thus, my revelation.

With today’s holiday, the earliest adopters can almost serve as walking display units for the iPad. While their friends and family gather for Easter dinner, they get to show off their new toy to some people who simply aren’t sure where the device has a place in their life. Suddenly, it’s right in front of them… they can experience the multi-touch, the typing, the drawing, the Plants vs. Zombies, the TV Guide app, the e-books. And they can experience them with the ambient (yet unintentional) peer pressure of someone who is still in the Apple honeymoon phase.

Is there a risk of being seen as somehow tainting a family-centric holiday event? Maybe. But it’s all so innocent. No one is actually going to blame APPLE for it. And no one can REALLY blame the often socially oblivious technophile who simply wants to show off their new obsession.

My question… was this decision intentional? I don’t put it past Apple to be able to pull off this sort of innocent brilliance, but I haven’t seen anyone out point out the coincidence. Any thoughts?

Twitter Account Re-Activation – ZOMBIE TWEETS!

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I thought… she was dead. I mourned. I tried to rebuild. I sent Twitter a desperate last-attempt e-mail, hoping that somehow I could revive what I had accidentally just destroyed.

Three days later… the angels sang from the heavens, in the form of a man named Charles.

Hi Lauren,

I have restored your account for you.

Be sure to use care in the future. If your account is deactivated again we will be unable to restore it for you. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.

Happy Tweeting!

Twitter Support

So, my old Tweeter is back, and Twitter support is on my very very good side. Happy endings for everyone!


Accidental Cancellations: A Twitter Tragedy

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Today… I mourn. I mourn the passing of a Twitter account that has seen me through the emergence of social media. Who has seen multiple account name changes, 200 followers, and almost 2,000 tweets.

I decided that my professional Twitter account was pretty much useless. I rarely signed into it, which means I rarely actually checked the accounts I wanted to follow, and it barely had any followers or activity. Opened recently, no activity, no followers… kind of a nightmare for someone who is supposed to be pretty good at inbound marketing. I decided I would embrace my personal Twitter as my sole Twitter identity. So, I clicked the dreaded de-activate button. I confirmed that yes, I wanted to deactivate. I looked at the e-mail address… the user name… everything looked good. And then, my world was gone. As I tried to log in to my personal account, I realized that a grave mistake had been made… one that Twitter so mockingly reminded me is very permanent.

So, today, I rebuild. I will return to Twitter with a vengeance… I hope that my followers will return as well.

Follow me! @LaurKates @MrsLaurenKatesSee updated post here!

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