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Club Member Newspaper Article

No Comments// Posted in Portfolio by on 05.26.11.

Written for a weekly newspaper for Ocean Reef Club in the Florida Keys, this human interest piece details the soul of a mentorship program, where established Club members guide new golf staff members in the unique traditions and unspoken guidelines of the private club world.

My Thanksgiving Menu

No Comments// Posted in Blog by on 11.27.10.

Thanksgiving. I never really liked the holiday when I was younger, but ever since I started cooking I’ve enjoyed it more and more every year… and I really think I outdid myself on this particular meal. Every single recipe I made came out exquisitely, and I think I have to quit now. My spread : […]

Crais-mazing Cookies

No Comments// Posted in Uncategorized by on 09.13.10.

This is an amazing cookie recipe that I absolutely love. I am putting it here so I can send the link to people when they ask for it. Software 1 cup flour 2 cups quick cooking oats 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt ½ tsp ground cinnamon 2 tbsp butter, […]

Professor Layton: Marketing Failure, Game Success?

No Comments// Posted in Blog by on 09.07.10.

Now I want to start off by saying that I LOVE LAYTON. I played and finished the first one in probably a couple of days. It’s the kind of puzzle cocaine you can’t put down. The puzzles are difficult and varied, and the storyline manages to keep you interested while not getting in the way […]

E-Mail Marketing Copywriting

1 Comment// Posted in E-Blasts, Portfolio by on 06.10.10.

This piece was part of an ongoing e-mail marketing campaign for The Mark, a luxury downtown high-rise condominium community in San Diego. Even during rough economic conditions, buyers found incredible value in the fantastic location, product quality and amenities offered at The Mark, and sales success in the local area was comparatively stellar. This e-blast […]

Broker E-Mail Marketing

No Comments// Posted in E-Blasts, Portfolio by on 06.10.10.

In the luxury real estate market, cooperation and relationship-building with the broker community is a key resource for developers. In this campaign, brokers were offered a sneak peek at soon-to-be-released inventory. With clever and eye-catching copy and design, e-mail recipients are interested to learn more, resulting in higher click-through and interaction rates.

LGBT Print Ad Copywriting

No Comments// Posted in Portfolio, Print by on 06.10.10.

With a sophisticated designer product in a coveted downtown location, The Mark in San Diego is a prime option for all young, successful city dwellers. By utilizing local LGBT lifestyle magazines, The Mark was able to market their friendly, accepting and safe community environment in a sophisticated and mature manner.

City Living Print Ad Copywriting

4 Comments// Posted in Portfolio, Print by on 06.10.10.

There’s truly no substitute for city living! In this print ad, the allure of twinkling city lights and a downtown lifestyle attracts buyers to the city view residences at The Mark. Thanks to targeted internet, print and e-mail strategies, only one City Residence remains in the entire building.

Healthy Living Business Print Ad Copywriting

No Comments// Posted in Portfolio, Print by on 06.10.10.

Three savvy businesses have come together to create a go-to destination for healthy living in their local community. In a strategic print campaign, the three combined their advertising efforts to promote their healthy and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Luxury Condo E-Mail Marketing

2 Comments// Posted in E-Blasts, Portfolio by on 06.10.10.

As one of the most coveted new residences in South Florida, the homes at One Thousand Ocean have been in the spotlight since conception. This e-mail campaign announced the opening of a beautiful model unit, inspired by the surrounding waters of the beachside Boca Raton location. With price tags well into the millions, luxury and […]

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