Apple's iPad Pre-Easter Release Date… Genius?

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So, I’ve seen a few articles this morning about early adopting iPad users settling in for Easter, when the real reviews would come rolling in. And I got to thinking… how smart IS Apple?

Today, the day after release, early adopters are still enamored with this device. As neat as I think it is, there’s definitely an Apple-product-magic that they pump into the brilliant designed packaging that puts your head into a “THIS THING IS SO NEAT!” cloud for at least a few days. With this excitement still hanging over from the unveiling yesterday, those who will spend today with family will inevitably be hesitant to leave their new friend behind. Thus, my revelation.

With today’s holiday, the earliest adopters can almost serve as walking display units for the iPad. While their friends and family gather for Easter dinner, they get to show off their new toy to some people who simply aren’t sure where the device has a place in their life. Suddenly, it’s right in front of them… they can experience the multi-touch, the typing, the drawing, the Plants vs. Zombies, the TV Guide app, the e-books. And they can experience them with the ambient (yet unintentional) peer pressure of someone who is still in the Apple honeymoon phase.

Is there a risk of being seen as somehow tainting a family-centric holiday event? Maybe. But it’s all so innocent. No one is actually going to blame APPLE for it. And no one can REALLY blame the often socially oblivious technophile who simply wants to show off their new obsession.

My question… was this decision intentional? I don’t put it past Apple to be able to pull off this sort of innocent brilliance, but I haven’t seen anyone out point out the coincidence. Any thoughts?

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