Accidental Cancellations: A Twitter Tragedy

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Today… I mourn. I mourn the passing of a Twitter account that has seen me through the emergence of social media. Who has seen multiple account name changes, 200 followers, and almost 2,000 tweets.

I decided that my professional Twitter account was pretty much useless. I rarely signed into it, which means I rarely actually checked the accounts I wanted to follow, and it barely had any followers or activity. Opened recently, no activity, no followers… kind of a nightmare for someone who is supposed to be pretty good at inbound marketing. I decided I would embrace my personal Twitter as my sole Twitter identity. So, I clicked the dreaded de-activate button. I confirmed that yes, I wanted to deactivate. I looked at the e-mail address… the user name… everything looked good. And then, my world was gone. As I tried to log in to my personal account, I realized that a grave mistake had been made… one that Twitter so mockingly reminded me is very permanent.

So, today, I rebuild. I will return to Twitter with a vengeance… I hope that my followers will return as well.

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