Advertising: A Career Survival Guide

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When I tell people I work in advertising, some aren’t really sure what that entails. Some think it’s really cool. Some… just cringe. The latter is probably the most common reaction. From strangers to my own fiance, a common question arises…

“How do you live with yourself?”

I guess the answer lies in the fact that I see value in what I do. There is surely the mindset of “You are contributing to the downfall of society by perpetuating a culture of materialism!” But my mindset? “To each their own”.

Someone, somewhere, is motivated by the idea of owning a 11,000-square-foot, $10 million home in Naples, FL. Or a piece of waterfront property in St. Kitts. Or a San Diego condominium in the middle of the city. My job is to show those people that they have that option. My job is to present a solution to someone’s desires.

“But you don’t create anything of value!”
Does the guy who cleans the toilets at the medical research facility create anything of value? No, but he contributes to it. Without his hard work, the people who actually cure cancer wouldn’t have a clean place to rest their butts. Without a home, they don’t have a nice place for their family to rest their heads. And if a family home and a comfortable life is what motivated those researchers to go to work, who is anyone to take that away from them? It’s what goes on in the background that makes the world move.

To be successful in any career, one must have the mindset for it. And by that I mean, you have to be able to truly love what you are doing and believe that you are doing something valuable. I believe what I do is harmless at the worst, and truly productive at best.

As I go forward with my career, my focus is going to be getting the right things to the right people. I want to learn what makes people click, what makes people buy, and what makes people happy. I think it’s neat, and I’ll be trying to share a bit of it with you here. Hopefully you will find it neat as well.

As a quick introduction, I am currently working for a marketing and advertising agency focusing in luxury real estate. My job is constantly evolving, but my upcoming focus will be in enhancing social media and internet marketing strategies for our clients. Thank you for reading!

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    Boring Diaries, more like… er, well, boring, yeah.

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